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Friday, January 17

Steve Madden Handbag Haul

If you didn't know.... I'm a bag lady. I freaking love handbags I have at least 7 excluding the ones in this post. Unlike clothes no matter how your body changes you can still don them. Even shoes are flexible like purses for some people but if you swell in your feet they suck. Which is why I love purses bloated or not they are still the fashion bff.
I got most of these pretty purses from Burlington Coat Factory and the gold and silver one at stevemadden.com . I have been looking for a perfect black purse for a while. They had a Betsey Johnson one that had a heart print, it looked very similar to the one below, One and Only Now Satchel:
screencapped from betseyjohnson.com

I didn't get it, although I wanted it. In my opinion it would be very complimenting for the Agejo/Agejah gyaru style but I was looking for something that said more Mode/ Onee Gyaru. So I went with the black Steve Madden.

Clearance under $20.00 USD at stevemadden.com

I got this on clearance for under $25.00 USD!!
Clearance under $20.00 USD at stevemadden.com
The box the silver and gold purse came in.
Btw, the experience from stevemadden.com was great. I would order from them again. I bought the purses in the posts between the month of December last year and January of this year.
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