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Monday, January 27

Time to Workout - Quote - Video

This past week I failed myself. I didn't mean to but I just lost complete motivation to workout. It's not the usual loss of motivation either. The thought of exercising my glutes excited me. When I tried to give them a rest and focus on other areas that's where the trouble began. I did one chest video with a kettlebell afterwards and that was it for the week. It wasn't until days later when my buns had over a week's rest of intense targeting that I was motivated to workout. 
I learned something from this. I still am human and that I am still most likely to do things I like while disregarding the things that I should do. Well now that I have admitted this I have to work on figuring out how I can rest my butt and still get a good workout in. This week I tried a dance video since I tend to like those.

Denise Austin: Total Body Burn Cardio Dance Workout

For this video you will need:
  • Space enough to be able to kick about. I have about a yogamat and half horizontally and it was pretty much enough with alteration of the moves. (Stepping in place instead of walking forward all the way because there was no where to walk.)

I didn't enjoy this video as much I expected to. I'm a fan of Denise Austin's video but I was feeling this one. It's a little bit older than other dance videos that I have done which would be fine if the music wasn't a little bit corny. The moves are okay, they reminded me of my Barbie exercise video I used to do every now and then as a kid. I don't feel like I got an intense workout. This is more of a warm up video for me. I hope you have a different experience though.

Other suggestions:
The Firm: Cardio Dance Express is one video I do enjoy.
If you are like me, you need constant motivation. Sometimes I feel like blogging other days I just rather pass, same for exercise. I usually don't have an excuse for myself other than I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes quotes help me. Sometimes reading articles that remind me of the areas I want to target help my motivation. Regardless how I got motivated before I always feel better after my workout. I hope my Time to Workout posts help you stay motivated. :-)

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