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Monday, May 19

We're moving! YAY!

If you didn't know I'm BACK in Connecticut after spending a month in Kansas City.I have been back about a month and half. Since I have been back Bear has been busy selling stuff in his garage. He has been selling stuff to prepare to move ( don't know the exact date but I know it's soon.) I am surprised on how different it looks with a lot of stuff gone. I haven't seen the garage look this desolate since he moved the stuff in the garage a couple of years back.
Now it's my turn to get busy and start selling especially since I see how serious he is. This week I will do more blogging but I will also be posting about clothes that I'm selling. Since we are going to sell the majority of our stuff and then move. We will be two pair of busy bees on ebay and craigslist!!

My ebay 

Bin also is a virtual walker for a Lupus walk to support and donate, visit:

I will be walking to the actual walk. I will sign up soon as well.

When was the last time you moved and where? Did you sell all your stuff and start from scratch or did you take all that you could with you? If you have any tips don't be afraid to share!

Comments are appreciated.
Have a great day. :-)
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