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Saturday, June 7

Six Word Saturday

I have been a busy bee.

I'm so proud of myself, I have been working on my business. It's been a long time coming but I actually started DOING instead of OVER THINKING. I listened to some self help audiobooks a couple of weeks ago and they helped a lot. I ended up buying inventory, taking pictures and this time around I actually listed stuff for sale!! I created ebay accounts, another storenvy account and even some other ones. This week I decided to devote myself to my business so I was doing blog posts, researching more sites, making and as mentioned before listed stuff for sale, promoting,etc. I decided no facebook until I got some listing done and at least sold one thing as a buy it now option. I ended up accomplishing that goal the day after I listed a dress on one of my accounts. I'm still happy from that one sale! :D

To put it simply I have had a great week, how was yours?

Have a great weekend,
Honey Tan

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