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Saturday, July 5

Six Word Saturday

Preparing for roadtrip and Orlando vacation!

I'm so excited. Bear and I had such a good time in Miami for a mini vacation that we are both looking forward to Orlando. This will be our second road trip together. Bin hasn't traveled to a lot of states compared to me but he will get a lot of states under his belt with this trip. We are going to stop my Myrtle Beach on the way. Since neither of us have been to Myrtle Beach before it will be fun going to to the new place together. I know we are going to stop by at least one foodie stop while we are at Myrtle Beach. Bear loves seafood so I was thinking a seafood buffet or  Mr. Fish restaurant (they have sushi and seafood here). 
When we are down in Orlando the plans there will be decided by the group we are meeting with (my relatives). So other than going to amusement parks and foodie spots not much is planned yet for Orlando. I know regardless what we do we will have fun though!

When was the last time you have been on a road trip, was it fun? Where did you go?

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