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Saturday, July 26

Six Word Saturday

When I came back from vacation I was overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness. I had so much fun with my family and Bear that when I came home and it hit me it was over I was in need of a pick me up. When we stopped at Virginia Beach for the night we ended up spending half a day there. In a gift shop, we bought two hermit crabs on impulse.
I was feeling the blues until a couple days later when we started shopping to make their home. I got so caught up in caring and my concern for them that I was no longer sad about the vacation being over. Now that they are two days settled in their new home I'm not as distracted but that's okay. I have other things to attend to that I abandoned when I was on vacation and I'm okay (but not thrilled) with getting "back into the routine". If only I could get paid to travel!

The finished crabitat!

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