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Thursday, August 21

Updated: Gyaru Dupes: Tiffany Dress - Emoda Reference

***Error on photograph the top piece of the dress is more of an ivory. It's not white.
More photos below

I love the simplicity of Mode gyaru style. 

The Tiffany Dress
A gyaru dupe of an Emoda coordinate.  A perfect addition for Mode and Onee inspired gals.

It's a monochrome, sleeveless button down  off- white ivory top with a black skirt attached. It's a full dress that has a side zipper and some stretch in the back.

Bust:13 inches or 33 cm
Waist: 12 inches or 30.5 cm
Hips: Free form

Busts: 13 1/2 inches or 34 cm across
Waist: 13 inches or 33 cm across.
Hips: Free form

Bust: 14 1/4 inches or 36.5 cm across.
Waist: 13 1/2 inches  or 34.3 cm across.
Hips: Free form.

These measurements are for reference only, for an idea of the size of the garments. Since hand measured it might be a little off. Measurements were taken with the article/s of clothing lying flat.

Love Mode Gal? Follow Emoda Dolls and Mama Murua on tumblr.

Love Mode Gal? Follow Emoda Dolls and Mama Murua on tumblr.

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