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Wednesday, July 1

Leah Dress - Mode and Tonic / Gyaru Dupes (Loose Floral Cami Onee and Mode Gal Dress) - Murua Reference - UPDATED

The Leah Dress

Live Preview of dress /Press Play!!:

Where to buy:
International buyers- ebay: modeandtonic (message me and I'll make a listing for you.)

The Leah Dress is a stylish choice that fits right into Mode and Onee gal/gyaru styles. This free form floral dress is a sleeveless strap one piece with the colors black, white, blues with a touch of orange and silver designed in.

Measurements are not stated doubled. Measurement were taken while clothing was lying flat and across and numbers were rounded down in .25 increments with inches and .50 increments with centimeters . These are for reference and since they were taken by hand please take that into consideration.
Bust was taken at bust line. Waist was taken 7 inches down from bust. Hips were taken 15 inches down from hips.

Bust: 17 inches / 43 cm
Waist: 19 inches / 49 cm
Hips: 21 inches / 55 cm

Bust: 18.25 inches / 46.5 cm
Waist: 20 inches / 50.5 cm
Hips: 22 inches / 57 cm

Bust: 18.5 inches / 47 cm
Waist: 20.50 inches / 52 cm
Hips: 23 inches / 59.5 cm

Jelly April 2013 source

Blenda April 2013 Reference

Vivi April 2013 Reference

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 Last updated : 7/10/2015

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