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Saturday, May 24

Weekend Challenge: Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

Thursday, May 22

Why we should treat violence like a contagious disease - Infographic

To view enlarged version click here.
source: ted.com

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Wednesday, May 21

Miso Japanese Restaurant - New Haven, Connecticut Review

Tuesday, May 20

Do you have a bikini body? - Infomaze

Have a great day!

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Is this the key to living longer?

When I was little when asked if I could wish for anything what would I wish for. My response would often be "immortality". Humans we strive to live longer and according to research they might have found a key.

Monday, May 19

SOLD OUT: Gyaru Dupes - Black White Vertical Stripe Dress for Sale - Mode Gal

The reference:
source: emoda facebook page

The Dupe:

Size: Small / 4
Brand: Divided
Like new dress with a hole on the side that's easily repairable.

To buy:
For small check out: gyarudupes 's ebay
For Medium check out: poshsugarhigh 's ebay [Will be posting a medium tonight at 7:00pm (U.S.) Eastern Standard Time.]
For Large check out: modeandtonic 's ebay

I'm selling things because I'm moving. Check out my life update blogposts here.

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Visit my store on Storenvy

What is a Dupe?

Since I'm going to be using this word more often in blog posts I thought why not make a graphic out of it with my definition of a dupe!

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We're moving! YAY!

If you didn't know I'm BACK in Connecticut after spending a month in Kansas City.I have been back about a month and half. Since I have been back Bear has been busy selling stuff in his garage. He has been selling stuff to prepare to move ( don't know the exact date but I know it's soon.) I am surprised on how different it looks with a lot of stuff gone. I haven't seen the garage look this desolate since he moved the stuff in the garage a couple of years back.
Now it's my turn to get busy and start selling especially since I see how serious he is. This week I will do more blogging but I will also be posting about clothes that I'm selling. Since we are going to sell the majority of our stuff and then move. We will be two pair of busy bees on ebay and craigslist!!

My ebay 

Bin also is a virtual walker for a Lupus walk to support and donate, visit:

I will be walking to the actual walk. I will sign up soon as well.

When was the last time you moved and where? Did you sell all your stuff and start from scratch or did you take all that you could with you? If you have any tips don't be afraid to share!

Comments are appreciated.
Have a great day. :-)
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Miami Trip - First Day: Fuji Japanese Buffet

After we checked into the hotel, we were hungry! We were debating on where to eat but I knew I wanted sushi. After we decided on a place we got into a cab and headed that way. During the ride I saw a place not so far from hotel that claimed to offer sushi in their buffet. The advertised price was cheap. I googled the place and saw pretty pictures on their website so we decided to turn the cab around and go there.

Fuji's was the placed  we dined at. The hot sushi was yum for "buffet sushi". Some of the slices of thawed fish tasted like it soaked up the scents and flavors of a multi food refrigerator which was gross. Their hot food was decent. I did like the taste of their green tea ice cream. However their wasn't running water for the ice cream scoop so I didn't get another scoop after my initial tasting.

Overall the experience was mediocre. Nice service, okay food. The price per person was cheap for a tourist area so we got what we paid for. If we were in Miami would we dine again? Probably not. There are other cheap places available that wouldn't hurt to try. Their food wasn't a must visit spot for cheap but we don't regret it either.

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Sunday, May 18

Miami Trip - Loews Miami Beach Hotel

We had a great time in Miami. The hotel was beautiful and comfortable. The bed was like sleeping on a cloud. It was so comfortable that we promised ourselves to upgrade our beds when we move.  We don't have any complaints about the hotel. It was nice to spend a couple of days in luxury. 

I shot more pictures while in the hotel I will post them in later posts so keep posted.

Thanks for reading!
What was the nicest hotel you have ever stayed in? What made it so nice?

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