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Saturday, June 7

Six Word Saturday

I have been a busy bee.

I'm so proud of myself, I have been working on my business. It's been a long time coming but I actually started DOING instead of OVER THINKING. I listened to some self help audiobooks a couple of weeks ago and they helped a lot. I ended up buying inventory, taking pictures and this time around I actually listed stuff for sale!! I created ebay accounts, another storenvy account and even some other ones. This week I decided to devote myself to my business so I was doing blog posts, researching more sites, making and as mentioned before listed stuff for sale, promoting,etc. I decided no facebook until I got some listing done and at least sold one thing as a buy it now option. I ended up accomplishing that goal the day after I listed a dress on one of my accounts. I'm still happy from that one sale! :D

To put it simply I have had a great week, how was yours?

Have a great weekend,
Honey Tan

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Friday, June 6

Weekend Challenge: Inverted Shoulder Press

I prefer these over push ups any day! =P

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UPDATED: Demi ( Denim Blue Top - White Chiffon skirt - One Piece dress (Gyaru Dupes/ Mode and Tonic)- Mode/Onee Gal

I absolutely love that denim and white skirt coordinate. So I was giddy when I found a dupe for it. :D

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Brand: L'atiste by Amy
Denim Top, Chiffon like bottom. One Piece Dress.

My specs for references:
I'm 5'5.
I wear a size small.
Breasts: 34b
Waist: 26
Hips: 36 

Where to buy:
International buyers- ebay: modeandtonic (message me and I'll make a listing for you.)


 mag scans from: shibuya gals facebook and/or shibuya gals tumblr .
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Last updated 7/12/2015

Neo Gals June 2014 6

Summer is truly coming. Vacation time is almost near as well. These catalogs always seem to disappear so I'm posting to bookmark. =)

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, June 4

Look of the Day

I wore this Tuesday. I ended up switching to my white bow flats and putting on bracelets. After walking a lap around the mall in my flats I was getting blisters. I ended up buying some bow tie flats to get the pressure off my poor feet. For the future, I'm going to reserve those flats for dining out, movies, etc. not when I'm actually going to do some walking.

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6 Amazing Beauty Hacks You Might Want to Try - Infographic

Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks
Courtesy of: Infographic Journal

Sorry for the awkward posting. I didn't minimize it because I want my audience to be able to read it.

I can testify to using coconut oil as lip balm and Vaseline aka petroleum jelly as eye makeup remover. It has been a long time since I used the Vaseline as eye makeup remover (we are talking about in my teens!). So I know that it works I just don't know how good it works.

Have you used any of these beauty hacks? Are there any in the article you are going to be trying in the future?

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Tuesday, June 3

100 Years of Western Fashion in 100 seconds

source: vimeo
I think it missed out on some niche fashions but still a cool video. =)
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Monday, June 2

Disney Characters Meets High Fashion Couture

source: buzznet.com
Sorry for the awkward positioning. I wanted it to be big as possible so the details are visible.

This was done by the artist  Shasiiko Anti

My favorites are Auroura and Ursula. I would love to cosplay those two. What are you favorite high fashion makeover characters?
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Sunday, June 1

5 Cool Facts about Smooching - Infographic

Date Night: Ming Feng Chinese Restaurant Review, Movie and Ice cream!

Recently, about two weeks ago we dined at Ming Feng. We both we're hungry but I was cranky hungry so I needed food asap. Bin had hot and sour soup, dumplings and I had kung pao beef and crab ragoons. Let me start by saying the crab ragoons were the best I have had in the north east so far. They tasted similar to the ones I am used to in my hometown, Kansas City. Kung Pao beef wasn't on the menu so I asked can I exchange the Kung Pao chicken for beef instead and they had no problem with it. The dish was fulled of vegetables which is great, the only problem was the sauce. Wasn't very potent in flavor. So the next time I go I will try something else.

The food was fast. The lady at the counter was courteous so we will be going again when we are in the area.

Ming Feng Website - Ming Feng Yelp page - Ming Feng Google plus page

Before we are lunch we went to the mall. Bear had to take some stuff back at Sears and I wanted to shop for clothes. We ( the group of friends and family who are all vacationing in Orlando in July) decided to have color tee shirt days. We are going to wear a specific color on a specific day so I was shopping for that. I bought a blue romper at Forever 21 and a white romper on sale at Charlotte Russe. We were hungry and wanted to see Godzilla so we ending up leaving the mall after those two purchases.

I ended up taking the pics from honeyandpanda.com , our  blog. I was way too lazy to retag. It doesn't hurt to promo our blog.
 *wink wink*
Bear decided to get some grandpa sandals.
Attack on Titan at Hot Topic
Bear grubbing at Ming Feng
I end up wanting Chinese we ended up finding Ming Feng. While the food was cooking I ended up stopping in Rainbows and grabbing me some tees. After our meal, we headed towards the movie theater to see Godzilla. Godzilla end up being a fun watch. It was definitely one of those movies that I would rather see in the movie theater than at home.

After the movie we headed over to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. I ended up getting cake batter ice cream with blueberries and white chocolate chips in a waffle cone. I love that combo. While eating ice cream, Bear and I reminisced about eating at Tony's Sushi bar in Miami. We then ended up talking about sushi and how much we loved it. Great moments.

Until next time,
Honey Tan
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