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Saturday, June 28

Six Word Saturday

Bowling, food, food and more food!

I had so much fun on our date nights. Tuesday we stayed in and ate pizza. It was so good. It had broccoli, black olives, extra cheese, green peppers, onions, artichokes and sliced tomatoes. It as even greater as left overs. Wednesday was Chipotle. Thursday, we went to Sushi X II and I pigged out. I ate way more food than pictured that includes green tea and ginger ice cream. I was so hungry that I could have ate more but I decided to stop. It was so good. I was so happy after the meal.
We were going to see the new Transformers movie but the showing times didn't start until 9:00 in the evening. So we decided to head home and wait it out. What would be a 30 minute ride home was now a hour to hour and half ride home because of traffic. I brought up the idea of going bowling together since there was a bowling alley on the way. We went to Walmart to buy some socks (my outfit consisted of tank top, skirts and short pumps.) After Walmart, bowling we went. At first we opted for the two hour bowling option but then we talked about the unlimited pizza and bowling for the night and decided to change it. They let us pay the difference and gave us our little wrist tags indicating that we signed up for the deal. It was a great deal. We had at least a couple of slices of pizza for both of us and we played 10 games for less than 20 dollars per person, not bad at all right?
Bin beat me bad! He won seven out of the ten games, I won two and we tied at one game. For my sake we played with the bumpers on. You know usually I am sore loser when it comes to getting my butt handed to me in games but I was having so much fun it didn't matter. I also think the Long Island Iced Teas I was drinking helped with my c'est la vie attitude too. Speaking of Long Island Iced Teas Thursday were the first time I tried them and they were yum!! They reminded me of an Arnold Palmer, one of my favorite drinks.

I hope you had a great week too!
Have a great weekend. :-)

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Friday, June 27

Weekend Challenge: Offset Overhead Lunge

I bowled for four hours yesterday. I had fun but lost badly! I told myself that I would do more kettlebell  to strengthen my arms and really my whole body so this move is perfect for this weekend!

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Thursday, June 26

Look of the Day

I haven't worn red lipstick in a while.

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Sunday, June 22

Time to Workout - Quote - Video

Lately, I have been so into my business (and marathoning Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds) that I have been neglecting my exercise this week. I went to bed late last night, woke up early and haven't been back to sleep. Since I have been constructive all morning I decided why not do a Time to Workout post as well.

For this video you will need:
  • a yoga mat
  • space enough for a yoga mat.

The great thing about this video is that it is truly apartment friendly!! There are no jumps and the space required is small enough for a yoga mat.

If you are like me, you need constant motivation. Sometimes I feel like blogging other days I just rather pass, same for exercise. I usually don't have an excuse for myself other than I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes quotes help me. Sometimes reading articles that remind me of the areas I want to target help my motivation. Regardless how I got motivated before I always feel better after my workout. I hope my Time to Workout posts help you stay motivated. :-)

This quote is so motivating for me when it comes to my business and even blogging. Adapting it to fitness, I know I won't be on the road to super toned if I sit around and wait to feel the spark of motivation that tells me I want to exercise today. I guess for me since I'm satisfied with the way my body is now I really don't have desperation that can push a goal forward.

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Gyaru Dupe: Distressed Denim Dress - Onee Gal

I was inspired to pick this dress by the cute  coordinate of two piece denim and flamboyant shoes I saw in the reference. I have this Hollister skirt that I tend to wear underneath my dresses in the summer. Since I have curvy butt sometimes there is not enough fabric in the back to cover the back of my thighs like it would a flat tush. I love how denim can easily go with a lot of things. :D

Available in size small.

Where to buy:

View my other dresses in the gyaru dupes tag.



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