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Wednesday, January 7

Sally Hansen 180 Rosey Riviter Om Gel Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Forever 21 Gold Multi Nail Polish
Accent Nail
Video take before accent nail decorating.
I'm wearing on my nails Sally Hansen 180 Rosey Riviter (Om) Miracle Gel nail polish. With three to four coats applied of color and then a top coat. For my accent nail I used a gold multi sparkle nail polish by Forever 21 and super glued (the nail kind) a heart on to my nail.
I am in love with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (Om) line of nail polishes. This is the only line of nail polishes that I have tried that lasts more than one day for me. I usually buy mine from the drugstore since I don't have faith in nail polishes in general. 
The first I tried from this line was 310 Shock Wave. It was a Hot 90s Barbie Pink that lasted three days before it started chipping at the edges. At a week it was time to take it off. Even though it doesn't last as long as it claims (two weeks) I will still be purchasing more in the future from this line because it's easy to find (drugstores, Walmart , Target,etc) and if it's on sale it's worth the cost for me.
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