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Saturday, February 28

Six Word Saturday

Birth Control Moodiness, Tabata and Piano!

A couple of months ago as an attempt to regulate my cycle from every 14 days to 28 days the doctor put me on birth control. My body is yet to adjust to it. So although where I would normally have my period I am pmsing badly. My period is still a bit off and I'm feeling it!

This week in despite of my symptoms I revisited tabata workouts with an about 9  minute video (I will eventually do a Time to Workout review on it after a week). To my surprise I was really sore the next day. I haven't worked out in a while but still am surprised that a 9 minute video would do that to me.

I'm happy to report I have been good on consistently practicing the piano. I'm still a baby newb but I'm pretty happy with the progress I am making.

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