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Saturday, May 23

Impress Manicure Press On 'French Manicure' Nails Demo / Tutorial

I love the look of my nails being done! The only probably is my nails end up so ugly from the filing in the prep and if I don't maintain them every two weeks I have to wait a couple of months for the file down to grow out.

Usually when I shoot I just buy regular press ons. They give me the look I want and last long enough to get the job done. One thing I like about Impress press ons is that last me at least three days. So if I want them done for the weekend while out and about in the city they will do the job.

This time I decided to add extra nail glue for my impress nails see the video below on how I put them on:

Impress Manicure Press On 'French Manicure' Nails Demo / Tutorial
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