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Wednesday, May 27

What happened the day I was supposed to Shoot in New Jersey!! / Denny's in Langhorne, Pa Review

If you didn't know about a week and half ago I planned to go to New Jersey and have a fashion shoot for my blog and clothing company. Well.... it never happened. Plans were canceled the Sunday we were supposed to meet up. After Sunday plans were canceled, we made plans for the next day. When my photographer friend had made it up to see me the sun was going down and we didn't have a place to shoot, so it was obvious no shooting would be taking place that date either. On a positive note, his traveling to my place wasn't a waste because we did find a beautiful park to shoot at and we also went to Denny's!!

At Denny's,
I had their nachos and banana nut bread french toast. You don't need syrup for the this version of french toast. It's sweet enough by itself, it was an interesting try for me. I liked it. The nachos were yum! We had a side of sour cream with them, that's not pictured. My friend enjoyed the nachos as well. The texture of the meat is similar to Taco Bell 'ground beef' meat. The nachos are a dish I would get again.

If you are curious to see the video of me sharing my plans of shooting in New Jersey here you go:

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