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Saturday, May 16

Six Word Saturday

Anniversary Celebrated Late; Engagement Facebook Announced!

Our Anniversary is in April and we usually celebrate all month long. The move delayed the celebrationto May. Since neither one of us have ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse we opted for it. The video above was taken accidentally, lately I have been shooting myself not knowing the camera was on,lol. This video worked out though especially since we enjoyed ourselves. I can not wait until we try out the other ones!

The lamb and beef was excellent. I also enjoyed the few salads I tried. The flan was okay to me but I'm always like that because my flan is pretty awesome! I'm glad I tried it even though it made me want to make my own.

A few pictures of my meal below, I ate way more but only captured a few pics:

**I will be doing a I'm engaged blogpost soon talking about it came to be and my ring as well so stay tuned!**

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