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Saturday, May 30

Six Word Saturday

Goodwill. Missed pills early period. Sweets.
I don't know if I blogged about me deciding to be on the pill or not. The reason why I started the pill the end of last year was to regulate my period. I have been so distracted and busy this month that every time my birth control alarm would go off, I would tell myself I would go get the pills in a minute only to forget about it. Well my habitual forgetfulness and missed pills caused an early period. So now I'm struggling to finish my blogposts because I am so sleepy but fear not I will prevail! (lol)

After being in North Philly Metro for a couple of weeks we finally decided to go a Goodwill! After I watched a couple of Goodwill haul videos come into my feed I coudn't resist anymore I had to go. I saw some beautiful plates. Didn't get them because Bin, like most people, is funny about eating on used plates. I grew up on it so after a few heavy washes I don't think about it.

We did see a table and study and bookshelf that I adored that we went back to get the next day. I also picked up some more few things.
Goodwill Haul

After our first trip to Goodwill on Saturday. We were driving around (without any direction to where were going) and somehow found H Mart, the nearest Asian Grocer around us, when we were looking to get home. It was so nice inside. Tons of versions of Kimchi and Miso soup (paste). They had a lot of teas and vegetables used for different cuisines found in Asia. Way more beautiful than the Asian Grocers I am used to in Connecticut. I got a lot of sweets, dumplings  as well as other yum stuff to eat so I was happy with the trip.

Foodie: H Mart (Levittown, Pa) Sweets Haul

We also came across a train while driving. So we ended up train watching for at least 12 minutes before Bin decided not to wait anymore.

Thank you for reading! 
I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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