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Friday, May 29

Time to Workout - Quote - Cardio Video

The last time I worked out was about two weeks ago. But hey, I have been more busy so I'm not being too hard on myself for that. This Cardio dance workout was fun, no surprise there right? I really enjoy Keaira LaShae's dance videos. Well I enjoy dance videos period but I like her personality and the dances always make me feel like I actually worked out. After this video my thighs were burning and I was drenched enough for an immediate removal of my clothing. I completed this exercise video twice and had the same results of burning thighs and sweat slightly damp clothes.

What you will need for this video:

Burn to the Beat Dance Intervals: Booty Pop Cardio Dance Workout- Keaira LaShae


If you are like me, you need constant motivation. Sometimes I feel like blogging other days I just rather pass, same for exercise. I usually don't have an excuse for myself other than I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes quotes help me. Sometimes reading articles that remind me of the areas I want to target help my motivation. Regardless how I got motivated before I always feel better after my workout. I hope my Time to Workout posts help you stay motivated. :-)

Story behind this quote:
I saw this on a facebook friend's wall. I told her I just have to use it for my Time to Workout post!

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