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Monday, June 8

Honey Tan Weekly Update/ Honey and Panda Vlogs ( May 30 - June 5 )

Pet Adoption, Friendly's, Park, Couple Exercise.

These were the highlights of my week, all of that and getting my eyebrows done. I never feel myself until they are in top shape.

Saturday we woke up around 8:00 am. It was the adoption/rehoming day for a new crab! The meet up was delayed because we were not familiar with the mall we were meeting up with so were driving around lost. It was a smooth adoption though. We picked the crab and it's supplies, wished each other the best and said our fairwells.
Later that night, I gave our new friend a bath before putting him in the tank.
I usually do this to check for mites. The video of this is below:

Sunday we went to the mall. I wanted to get a belt for my romper because I wanted a cinch in the waist. I bought a beautiful scarf from H & M. When I tried it on before I bought it I loved it and then I bought it and decided not to wear after all. I guess I prefer the romper without any additions, ha!

At Friendly's, we got a table quick.
We were lucky because after we sat down there started to be a wait.
We ate a late breakfast seeing that it was after 1 in the afternoon.

After Friendly's we went to Petco to look for coconut fiber for the tank. We ended up ordering from Amazon instead and then went to Walgreens for a pee break.

Maybelline Chaotic Lashes mascara pic
Saw this at Walgreens.  I was trying to figure out why anyone would want their lashes looking like that.
My best bet it for an Avante Garde inspired shoot.
Then later that day we changed our clothes to take a nice walk in the park.
The video below is in third person (click here for first person view. )

After our walk we spent some time lounging at home.
I wanted to workout that day and Bin decided to come with so ended up being a Couple Exercise session. ^_^

Couple Exercise.
Our first couple exercise video!

If you don't know I love donuts so of course I had to celebrate by downing one. We also had time to exercise so it ended up getting in a good workout session.

Happy Donut Workout Vlog

Thank you for visiting!

How did last week go for you?

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