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Saturday, June 13

Journal: In Week Update ( June 10 - 12) + Foodie Cooking Crab for the first time!

Rest Day

AM Workout
The Butt-Lifting Workout That's Better Than Spanx
So I was sore but I didn't know how sore I was until I did this workout! Ow-wee!

Bust Booster Chest Workout
I didn't put one leg up on the single leg tricep dips, both legs were down. =P

Summertime Lower-Body Tone Mobile Workout: BeFiT GO
The squat hold is a mothatrucka!

Sadly Binny Poo and I didn't get to do a couple workout session in the evening so I am so glad that I took the initiative to get a workout in the morning!

On an awesome side note:
I boiled crab for the first time!
I added seasoned salt to the water.
In the youtube comments I was told that there are
 boiling packets for boiling seafood so I 'm going to make sure to check that out!

Foodie Cooking Crab for the first time!

Rest Day
I should have worked out in the morning because couple workout session didn't happen.
You live and you learn right?

Thank you for visiting!

How was your mid week?

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