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Sunday, June 28

Journal: Midweek Update ( June 24 - 26)

Exercise: Rest day

Happy Fairy Day! (June 24th) Bruce Wayne Emerges - Vlog #24
The Honey Life | Season 1 
Wednesday one of the hermit crabs that I adopted that I didn't think existed emerged!

Exercise: Only strength.
I was really tired Thursday. I did leg press and some time on the chest press.

Workout Day, Blue Label Johnnie Walker Scotch, Honey Chicken - Vlog #25
The Honey Life | Season 1 
Tried Blue  Label Johnnie Walker Scotch and had the first Chinese Restaurant meal since I moved that was worth raving about,

Exercise: Rest day.

Diagnosis: Lethargy/ Red Curry FAIL!! (June 26th) - Vlog #26 The Honey Life | Season 1
Very tired! I also failed at dinner. =O

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How was your midweek?
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