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Monday, June 15

Journal: Weekend Update June 13 - June 14 + My Fav Salad Dressing tutorial

Rest Day aka didn't manage to squeeze a workout in.

DYI: Garlic Ranch Salad Dressing 
Can you tell I love garlic?

After we had a delicious nap we managed to get to the gym. We did 30 minutes of strength training which is all we could do given how late it was (gym was about to close).

Honey and Panda: Couple Workout Vlog 6/14

When we came home I did a few chores and then got back to working out.
(I was pumped!)

My second workout session of Sunday:
I switched between my 5 pound dumbbells and my 10 pound kettlebells. Given the awkwardness of my kettlebells some moves I couldn't use them because it was too awkward.

Used my 5 pound dumbbells for this workout.

Afterwards I volunteered to wreck my nerves

Thank you for visiting,

How was your weekend?

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