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Monday, June 8

Journal: Weekend Update June 6 - June 7

Journal: Weekend Update June 6 - June 7
Saturday everyone called me and came with fascinating conversation so I didn't get any blogging done. This explains why I didn't post a Six Word Saturday and why my summary of the week post was posted Monday.

Saturday we didn't do any exercise. Instead we lounged around and made a trip to Walmart for Fitness gear. I was going to get an Pond's Moisturizer and a Sally Hansen nail polish I have been drooling over. The coupons I was going to use for them expired so I decided just to save my money instead of spending. 

Honey and Panda: Walmart Fitness Clothes Shopping 

It wasn't until I did the haul video I realized I got the wrong underwear and I forgot to get ankle weights. Ankle weights was high on my mental list but I forgot all about it when I got distracted with the actual shopping. My old broken but still functional ones will just have to do for now.

Here is what we Hauled.

Just lounging and exercise.

Sunday's workout:
For Sunday's Workout Bin did his own thing like he usually does and I did mine. I did an hour of cardio on the step machine, I forgot it's technical name.
I wore my ankle weights while doing it to add more resistance.

I had to compose this video out of clips I posted on Instagram. At the time I didn't have enough storage on my phone to save to sd card for a youtube video. This explains the mash up of a video shot in a square frame.

How was your weekend?

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