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Friday, June 26

Nails: OPI Eurso Euro Swatch and Review

Nails: OPI Eurso Euro Swatch and Review

How I prepped and painted my nails:
I used cuticle remover to get the dead skin off my nails.
I swiped my nails with vinegar.
I painted on Beauty Secrets base coat from Sally's.
I painted on 2-3 coats, I ended up messing up on the nails so I had to paint an extra coat. I used a nail dryer between each coat.
I finished by topping it off with Beauty Secrets Top coat.

Nails: OPI Eurso Euro Swatch and Review

This pretty navy blue color was on clearance sale at Sally's for 4.50 what a deal!! 

Have you tried OPI Eurso Euro nail polish?
What is your favorite navy blue nail polish?

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