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Saturday, June 20

Six Word Saturday + Journal June 18 and 19

Working on store, Happy Birthday Mom!

So for this week I have been busy with the usual blogging and vlogging but also my store as well. I updated my infrormation on my storenvy store not all is left to do is finish my promo video and active listing on storenvy and ebay. All of that sounds easy but for a perfectionist like me it takes time lol

I forgot to call my mom to wish her a Happy Birthday. She ended up calling me asking me if I am allright then she told me. I seriously thought her birthday was sunday. I saved the birthday to my phone so hopefully this won't happen again!!

Honey Tan Update Blogposts June 13 - June 17:

Thursday (June 18):
Rest Day

Friday (June 19):
Unintentional Rest day

Writing prompts and challenges:

How has your week been so far?

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