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Tuesday, June 16

#TAGTUESDAY : Father's Day Tag

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#TagTuesday Father's Day tag

For Vloggers, Father's Day tag text to add to description:

**Tag starts here **
HoneyTanTV/ ihearthoneytan.com - Father's Day Tag questions
1. What are you doing to celebrate or honor father's day?
2. If you are a gift giver, what are you giving your father this year (or gave if the gift has already been given)?
3. What are one or more characteristics that you admire about your father?
4. Name one or more habits, quirks or features you and your father have in common.
5. What is your fondest childhood memory with your father?
6. Tell us a memory of your father in your adult life (or in recent timing) that is close to your heart.
7. Is there a piece of advice that your father has given you that didn't pan out well? Tell us the back story if you please
8. Are there words that your father told you that you wish you would have listened to? Tell us the back story if you please.
9. What is one thing your father always says?
10. Name one interest you and your father have in common.
11. Tell us one thing you would like your father to know.
HoneyTanTV yt: https://www.youtube.com/user/honeytantv -  site: https://www.ihearthoneytan.com
**Tag ends here**

Graphic for bloggers, feel free to use unaltered on post:
I welcome answers to the tag in the comments.

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