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Tuesday, June 23

#TagTuesday : Catfish, Onion Rings and Sunglasses tag

For Vloggers and Bloggers don't forget to post the link to this blogpost as the source!
It's a summer themed tag, but you can do this tag anytime. ^_^

Video added 8:52pm 6.23.2015

For Vloggers, Catfish, Onion Rings and Sunglasses tag text to add to description:
**tag begins here**
HoneyTanTv / ihearthoneytan.com - Catfish, Onion Rings and Sunglasses Tag
1.Father's day just past, how was your father's day?
2.What is your favorite father's day memory?
3.Onion rings as a side with a burger or a hot dog?
 4. Pink is a very popular color, what is your favorite shade of pink or the shade of pink you despise the most?
5. Summer is here, how did you celebrate the summer solstice?
6. Summer is a great time to buy catfish, how do you like your catfish served? Baked? Fried?
7. It's warm enough to swim outside, how many laps can you swim in a pool?
8. Friday after Father's day is take your dog to work day, would you ever take your dog to work if you were allowed? Tell us your experience if any.
9. Tell us one thing you are working to forgive or be forgiven for.
 10. Sunglasses can be chic while providing protection for our eyes, show us your favorite pair of sunglasses.
11. Which one is more tasty,  chocolate pudding or  tapoica pudding? Do you prefer it to be bought premade, made from pudding mix or made from scratch?
HoneyTanTV yt: https://www.youtube.com/user/honeytantv
site: https://www.ihearthoneytan.com
**tag ends here**

Graphic for bloggers, feel free to use unaltered on blogpost:
I edited this post and exchanted an updated graphic which added the 'Catfish, Onion Rings and Sunglasses' part on the lower portion on 8:13pm 6.23.2015

I welcome answers to the tag in the comments.

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Tag was inspired by the holidays in june. ^_^

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