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Thursday, June 18

Time to Workout - Quote - Yoga - Video

This video is ideal for doing after running, biking, hiking or any form of cardiovascular exercise. I did mine after doing two cardio dance videos. Despite her lack of well breathing exhale and inhale instructions this video was well narrated and easy to follow. There isn't any background music, so you can provide your own relaxation music. I plan switching between this and my Ali Mcgraw dvd (after my workouts depending how much time I have to depend on and) on my rest days for sure.
 I liked it over many other videos I have tried in the past (some yoga videos were so lifeless or not will narrated I just stopped doing it in the middle of the video). Since this is mobile and free, I can suggest it to anyone which is a big plus.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Runners Flow with Ali Owens- Udaya Yoga

What you will need for this exercise:
Yoga Mat


If you are like me, you need constant motivation. Sometimes I feel like blogging other days I just rather pass, same for exercise. I usually don't have an excuse for myself other than I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes quotes help me. Sometimes reading articles that remind me of the areas I want to target help my motivation. Regardless how I got motivated before I always feel better after my workout. I hope my Time to Workout posts help you stay motivated. :-)
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