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Saturday, July 18

Foodie: Trying out Greek Seasoning on Chow Mein (Vlog #44 The Honey Life Season 1 )

When I was shopping in Walmart a month and some change ago, seasoning was on my grocery shopping list. Cajun seasoning to be exact. While Bear went off and ventured to another section of Wally World I was left in the spices section. While waiting for him to meet back in the food area I was looking at the different seasonings, spices and the like they were offering. Greek Seasoning and Creole seasoning were the two that stuck out the most. Since I already had a cultural cuisine seasoning in the basket ,why not add some more for vareity? Excited, that's what I did.

So far, I have tried the Greek Seasoning on pasta, fish, chicken, veggies,etc and all was so good, Bin has asked what did I put on veggies when I have gave them a shake of this. When I received my Chow Mein Saturday (ignorant that Cabbage Chow mein existed) I was dissappointed. It was a bland cabbage dish that wasn't  making my inner foodie sing. I put it aside and started munching on my other dish instead.

Since I was raised on "Waste Not, Want not" the Chow Mein was not going to be wasted. Instead it was going to be experimented on so I could actually eat it, this is where the greek seasoning comes in. On it's bottle it says/suggests to use in all cooked veggetables, soups, stews (a long list didn't type it all out). Given that Chow Mein (at least the one I got, I don't know how other restaurants make it) is essentially a cabbage stew with chosen meat added upon request, adding Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning (the kind I bought) to Chow Mein couldn't hurt.

Foodie: Trying out Greek Seasoning on Chow Mein Vlog #44 The Honey Life Season 1 

Have you tried Cabbage Chow Mein
or  Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning?
Let me know how it was in the comments.
(I respond back!)

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