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Wednesday, July 15

'How To Take The Shame Out Of Self-Promotion' + Commentary

How To Take The Shame Out Of Self-Promotion - Marie Forleo 

Highlights from the video:
Re-Frame #1
Focus on what you can give vs what you can get
See self Promotion as service 

Re-Frame #2
Stop Caring
Not about other people but what they think
They are going to judge and find fault anyways.

Ask yourself,
Who are you living your life for?

Re-Frame #3
Do Not Be a Broken Record
Same topics gets boring!

"Instead of calling it 'shameless self-promotion,' let's take the shame out of it altogether"

When it comes to self-promotion, which idea from today's episode do you need to remember most, and why?

Me being extremely introverted and reserved, self promotion is one of the hardest things for me. I feel like I'm bothering people when I do it so I just conserve it to safe spaces (facebook profile, twitter, google plus, stumble upon,etc) when I could really be putting myself out there. This video helped me get more comfortable with the idea of being okay to self promote myself instead of waiting for people to ask me what do I do or what am I wearing where I then refer them to my site (speaking of which this reminds me I need business cards!).

Now I know offer a lot, I just gotta let other people know. My next mission is to think about what I offer in an attractive detail and use that in a new youtube trailer. :-)

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