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Wednesday, July 1

Journal: Start of the Week Update ( June 29 - 30 )

Good day.
Abs, Storenvy and Mail!! (June 29) Vlog #29 The Honey Life - Season 1
Correction on the chard below:
Weight* GOAL of number of reps - How many reps completed

Escalator 30 min
Treadmill walking about 25 min.

Another enjoyable day even the nap!

Cinnamon Roll Popcorn, Workout EXTREME and Wig mail!!
(June 30) #Vlog 30 The Honey Life - Season 1

Strength Exercise in detail:
Weight* GOAL of number of reps - How many reps completed

HIIT Workout: Chest and Core- BeFiT GO | HIIT Fit
(I used 15 pound kettlebell for the chest press and 5 pound dumbbell for dumbbell row. I try to use higher weights except for when the kettlebell will hinder my form.)

Buns of Envy Workout Video
(I put on ankle weights and butt resistance band, I forgot the technical name for it sorry! I also used 15 pound kettbell through out the workout.)\

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1
(Did this with the resistance bands and ankle weights still on. Started with 10 pound kettlebells about 13 mins in switched to my 5 pound dumbbells.)

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