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Saturday, July 25

Journal: Wednesday - Friday Update + Six Word Saturday

Workout day

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Six Word Saturday

Riding emotional roller coaster.  Cause: Period
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My whole week consisted of being drained and intense emotions and feelings I didn't want to face, and ended up facing anyways. Thanks to my hyper sensitivity during my cycle, I cried more times than I would like to admit. Mostly my tears feel after coming to terms how disingenuous several people are in my life. When I saw their pictures and people singing their praises on social media emotions were triggered. I once thought like their admirers thought but now naivete is something my emotional health can not afford. These people are not for me. If anything they are threatened by me. I haven't even made my mark and yet signs of their insecurity have been shown. Other people have told me they suspected they were untrue to me but I dismissed it. Now I can't and won't and just have to let go. I don't like crying especially over people who are not worth my tears. I don't take well people telling me they miss me and yet they don't want the best for me or maybe they miss the old me who they weren't clear about my dreams because I kept them to myself so well. Maybe that's the me they were talking about.

Oh well I'm not staying around to find out.


Six Word Saturday Reading

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