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Saturday, July 18

Six Word Saturday + Thursday & Friday Update

So over Facebook, No really! Youtubeeee!

Every time I log into facebook it feels like a chore. I find myself asking myself why bother? I don't have the money to advertise to facebook members through facebook ads so why am I wasting time and energy "networking" and "building rapport" to find myself drained after accomplishing nothing?

Yeah some people like me but that doesn't make them customers.

I'll pass.

So I have been busy with other things this week. When I want to do "social media" I go to youtube for some wig review therapy. (I barely have "small talk" or in depth convo so I don't know if that really counts as social media,lol.)

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Hermies moving to the 70 GALLON tank! Daily Vlog #46 The Honey Life Season 1

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