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Friday, August 21

Time to Workout: Booty Boosters - Booty Building/Butt Sculpting/ Brazilian Butt Workout

BeFiT Booty Boosters: Booty Building Workout- Brett Hoebel
This was fun! Easy to follow. I suggest yoga mat for floor work and ankle weights to make it more intense. I had on my booty resistance band thing (lol) and I held my 5 pound dumbbells when the exercise allowed me

BeFiT Booty Boosters: Butt Sculpting Workout- Brett Hoebel
I suggest watching this before doing so that it will be easier to follow.

BeFiT Booty Boosters: Brazilian Butt Workout- Brett Hoebel
My least favorite out of the three videos. I suggest watching before doing because it can be confusing while learning some of the moves at first.

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