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Tuesday, August 25

Weekend Update: Saturday + Sunday Update - Vlog 81 + 82 - The Honey Life

Exercise: Abdominal Machine, Ab Challenge Day 1

Vlog #81: Rug Burn on Plumber's Crack (DITL)
The Honey Life Season 1

In today's daily vlog, we go to chow down on breakfast at Golden Corral buffet, I shop at kmart in the fitness center, exercise focusing on abs and then I explain to you what I mean by rug burn on plumber's crack!

The clip of me doing exercise is The Ab Challenge:
I did 5 sets; 2 with 25s and then 3 sets with 20s.

More Kmart Shopping (Bonus/Outtake Vlog #81)
The Honey Life Season 1

Nail Broke/Lotsa Garlic for Guacamole (Bonus/Outtake Vlog #81)
The Honey Life Season 1

Exercise: Rest Day

Vlog #82: Tried the Blueberry Banana Lemon Zest Bread - The Honey Life

In today's daily vlog, I try the banana blueberry bread with lemon zest. Update talk.

How was your weekend?

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