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Thursday, September 3

Vlog #86-90: General Value Waffle Mix with Protein Powder Taste Test, Brie Cheese, Gelato and More!

 Vlog #86: (DITL) Day In The Life - The Honey Life Season 1
I work on manually adding closed captions to my video and have a nice day.

Vlog #87: (Foodie) Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato Taste Test/Review
The Honey Life POV

I look at some more obstacle races and do a taste test and review for Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato.

 Vlog #88: Sports Bras/ Those 2.5s Be Killin' Nem!/Ab Day
The Honey Life - DITL POV
I shop for sports bra, witness the ultimate power of 2.5s and kick my ab's ass! :D

Bonus: Tabata Exercise Session Recorded Clips (Vlog #88) - The Honey Life 

 Vlog #89 Foodie GV Waffle Mix w/Protein Powder Taste Test 
The Honey Life POV 

 I try the General Value Waffle Mix with Optimum Nutrition protein powder to see what what it tastes like, I mix some peach mango fruit (and vegetable) juice with some Jack Daniels Caribbean Rum together chill and watch some anime!

Vlog #90 Puddle of Brie Cheese and New Ankle Weights
The Honey Life POV

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