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Friday, September 11

What Are You Grateful for Today? Brother Little Bey - September 11th (WAYGFT)

What Are You Grateful for Today? - September 11th (WAYGFT)

I'm grateful for knowing Brother Little Bey
There is a quote that says something similar to, when we die we live on in other's memories. I don't remember the exact quote or who said it I just remember it struck a cord of truth within me.
Yesterday after finishing my 'What Are You Grateful for Today? Dr. Brene Brown's Work on Vulnerability - September 10th (WAYGFT)' blogpost. Thoughts of Brother Little Bey (Brother/Sister is like a honorific we use within the religious community I grew up in) approached me and didn't leave until I shared he was on my mind. You see growing up Brother Little Bey was a pleasure to be around. Rather it was service, our community get together barbecues at the park (what we call "Family Fun Day") or any other celebration it was always good to see him.
As a child, he is one of the people who instilled in me to respect children as other human beings with thoughts, feelings, value by just being,etc. Since children, my siblings and I always felt respected in his presence. He acknowledged all of us and not just "the favorite (read: spoiled one)". When he didn't see us for a while, he would ask us how we were doing which felt better than being badgered on why we should come to service. He didn't let his seniority stop him from seeing and acknowledging a good point from someone younger either. After service, he didn't have a problem with letting us know we said something that gave him (what Oprah calls) an A-ha! moment or that he agreed.
After pondering on why I could be missing him, I ended up texting my sister on how I wish he was still alive and I miss seeing him at service when I visit my hometown. She shared she missed him too. That she missed his singing, how nice he was and how always smiled when he saw us. I shared my same gratitude points for having him in my life above; she agreed that like me we were blessed to have known him and she was grateful too to have had him in our lives.


Take one minute to answer, What are you grateful for today?
The video above is timed at one minute (and some change) and surely you have one minute to do this gratitude exercise!

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