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Tuesday, September 15

What Are You Grateful for Today? Capturing My Hermit Crab Napping (WAYGFT)

What Are You Grateful for Today? 9/15 (WAYGFT) 

I am grateful that I am able to capture the little moments
...more specifically a hermit crab napping.
There are a lot of little moments through out the day that if you are present in the now you will be able to enjoy them. When I woke up from a nap I was happy to see the hermit crab that was curiously inspecting the egg crate ladder took a nap on it too. I love to see when they are so comfortable with something new in the tank that they make it a bed and lounge area too. ^_^

First pic, just lounging around.
Second Pic, napping.

What is the little moment that you experienced recently that you are grateful for?

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