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Monday, September 14

What Are You Grateful for Today? Rest Days - September 14th (WAYGFT)

What Are You Grateful for Today? 9/14

Take one minute to answer, What are you grateful for today?
The video above is timed at one minute (and some change) and surely you have one minute to do this gratitude exercise!

I'm grateful for rest days.
In a lot of religions there is a social or designated rest day. In Islam, Friday is a call for prayer but many take it as a day of rest. In Christianity, it's Sunday but there are some sects who do Saturday and the list goes on. Then you have holidays that are rest days for many. In America, Labor Day was just here a week ago but like many homemakers I didn't rest. You see Bear was on vacation for a week and a day and it ended on Labor day. People assumed because he was on vacation (or staycation since he was at home so maybe homecation?) that I was on vacation with him and that couldn't have been further from the truth. I was doing more cooking, cleaning,etc than usual because he was home. As much as I love him more house work for me is not a vacation. He helped....sometimes but it still came to more housework for me. 
After he went back to work, although he was missed, I was happy. I was behind on some things pertaining to my channel, blog, store,etc so now I could catch up. A week later of trying to catch up while debuting a new series on my channel and blog, I am burned out. So last night I decided to just post videos, make sure the description was right and not do any other extra editing. No annotations. No cards. I didn't even stay up to do my daily blogposts. 
 So to start my night for rest, I hopped in my bed and decided to watch anime until my heart's content. I stayed up late watching anime but I wasn't too hard on myself for staying up. I reminded myself if this is the start of a rest day there shouldn't be any guidelines or schedules. Every time I woke up to go use the restroom, instead of getting up and start to work on something when the sun was up I went right back to bed and enjoyed some more sleeping . When I finally decided to wake up I felt so refreshed (and I'm still elated, yay)!
So you are probably wondering how you are reading this? Well I was debating on rather to write this or not but since I really wanted to write, I decided to just do it. So even though I am technically working by writing and editing this, I am not putting the pressure on myself and that feels good. So after this I will continue my rest day (for my mind since I have no problem taking rest days from exercise for my body). I needed the reminder that it's okay to go with the flow sometimes and how refreshing it is so for that I'm grateful for rest days.

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