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Saturday, September 12

What Are You Grateful for Today? Ground Cloves - September 12th (WAYGFT)

What Are You Grateful for Today? - September 12th (WAYGFT) 

I'm grateful for ground cloves.
I still have the bottle of whole cloves that I bought 1-2 years ago. When I bought it I convinced myself that I was actually going to buy a grinder for the cloves and grind them myself so I can have taste of 'fresh' ground cloves in my baking, peach cobbler in particular. Well seeing it's been touched twice, when I got it and when we (recently) moved, we both know no grinding will not be happening (seeing that I haven't even bought a grinder!).

The last time I made peach cobbler, well peach dump cake, I was satisfied but it didn't bring back the memories of my mom's peach cobbler. Since I was going for the taste of her peach cobbler and not the actually making the pie crust part, hence using a cake mix as the crust, I knew I needed cloves. A few days ago, I saw the peaches we haven't ate since I put in the refrigerator. Knowing that I needed to use them up I thought to make a peach dump cake/cobbler. I then asked Bin Poo to make a late night run to the store. Well it was actually early evening when I asked him but he got caught up in the game, partner's of gamers knows how that goes. *le sigh* He set off to the store for what I asked which was, vanilla ice cream, canned peaches, nutmeg and ground clover. Yes, you read clover. Since I ended up calling it ground clover and not cloves he was confused when it wasn't there. It ended up being clarified for us both when he said they have 'ground cloves' (LOL).

So when he came back, I got to work and started making it (which can be seen here in this day in the life/daily vlog).When I put it in the oven, I was a little worried that I over spiced it and was planning to use the vanilla ice cream to tone it down if needed be. After it was done and cooled, my worries were relieved upon tasting it. It was simply divine. Memories of my mother's loves, hugs and quirks I could feel while eating that slice of peach dump cake. The ground clover really helped me bring the taste of my mother's peach cobbler and that's why I'm grateful for ground cloves.

Take one minute to answer, What are you grateful for today?
The video (above) is timed at one minute (and some change) and surely you have one minute to do this gratitude exercise!

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