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Saturday, February 27

Platinum Blonde Glam 3/4 Inch Curls - SR4/613GOLD - Isis Rcp601 Lace Wig Review

Isis Rcp601 - Platinum Blonde Glam 3/4 Inch Curls - SR4/613GOLD - Lace Wig Review

Isis Red Carpet Synthetic Hair Silk Lace Front Wig - Rcp601

Brand: Isis
Line: Red Carpet
Style: RCP601

Color: SR4/613GOLD - Platinum Blonde with a tinge of brass
This is a curly unit. Curls are about 3/4 inch.

My specs for reference:
Height: 5'5
Face Shape: Square Face
For skin references: My foundations colors are farther down below.

Suggestions for this wig:
Because the curls are so tight (about 3/4 inch) I don't suggest combing or brushing it alot because you will get tangles.

To help with makeup, contact lenses, etc. references to my foundations are:
L'oreal caramel beige W7.
Revlon PhotoReady 008 mixed with 010 Caramel.
Revlon Colorstay 370 Toast mixed with 360 Golden Caramel.
Kat Von D Lock it Tattoo Foundation medium 64 ( http://youtu.be/9cq7NjwaAJE

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