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Wednesday, February 10

Time to Workout: Full Body Genetic Training Workout: Low Volume- Ashley Kaltwasser

This workout is great for beginners! It's easy to follow and low impact and intensity. I didn't get much of a sweat in but I still felt great afterwards so I would do it again. 

Full Body Genetic Training Workout: Low Volume- Ashley Kaltwasser

In this workout:
Lateral raises, shoulder presses, jumping jacks, push-ups, dumbbell floor presses, stationary jogging, bent-over rows, Romanian dead lifts, crunches, bicep curls, tricep presses, standing lunges, dumbbell squats, scissor kicks, bicycles, pelvic thrusts, hamstring curls (and more).

What you will need:
Exercise mat
(Exercise ball, resistance bands optional. I ended up modifying the move that required an exercise ball by just doing more pelvic thrusts. )

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