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About Me and My Blog

Welcome to my blog!!

About Me:
I'm a foodie. I have dabbled into glamour modeling and cosplay. I enjoy watching anime, trying new foods, short forms of writing, blogging, vlogging and fitness. Blog wise, I like to read blogs about gyaru influenced, beauty, niche fashion, anime and nerd interests. Video wise,  hair and anime are my biggest interests where food,  journal and beauty related (makeup, nails, etc) are my second when I am in the mood. Don't forget to check out my links!  ^_^ ^_^
I also have a couple of stores online,
Check out:
gyarudupes 's ebay
 poshsugarhigh 's ebay
 modeandtonic 's ebay
gyarudupes storenvy
Visit my store on Storenvy

** I'm not a personal trainer. I just like working out which is why I write my Time to Workout posts.**

About this blog: 
This is a lifestyle blog. I generally post Six Word Saturday's which are a summary of my week, six word stories, and lately fitness themed posts. I throw quotes with my Time to Workout posts and every now and then I do a beauty and/or fashion related post. For the most part I do not post Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays.  Unless notified in a blogpost all purchases of items and/or services were paid by me with my own money and are not endorsed.

Visit my subscribe page for links to subscription link to popular sites.

To help with makeup, contact lenses, etc. references to my skin tone are:
  • L'oreal caramel beige W7 close.
  • Revlon PhotoReady 008 mixed with 010 Caramel.
  • Revlon Colorstay 360 Golden Caramel mixed with Revlon Colorstay 370 Toast foundation.
  • Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo foundation in the color Medium 64

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